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   Domestic steel prices rose dull turnover of imported

               iron ore prices first rose and then fell

The domestic spot steel prices continue to rise sharply, but the turnover of subdued, the market there has been a certain "fear of high" mentality. The price of imported iron ore is the first rose and then fell, the overall price is still 80 dollars in the t price of a certain support.

According to a well-known domestic iron and steel information provided by the latest market report, the last week, domestic spot steel prices rose 5.26% a week. In the billet and other cost prices rose to stimulate the mainstream steel mills have introduced the latest factory price rose, combined with steel futures market is also strong, steel spot prices quickly pulled high. However, it is noteworthy that the steel market transactions tend to light, the reason, in addition to seasonal demand weakened factors, the market for the current steel prices have a certain "fear of high" mentality, but also a great relationship. Fortunately, the current market resources are still low on the whole, which provides a certain "buffer" room.

According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, prices rose sharply. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan and other places a ton of prices rose 50 yuan to 300 yuan. From Shanghai and other markets can be seen that the current problem is that prices rose after the lack of follow-up demand. If the late arrival of the increasing number of words, the contradiction between supply and demand will be upgraded, coupled with tightening of funds if the surface, the market will run shock.

In the sheet market, prices are also up. Hot rolled coil prices rose sharply, Shanghai, Jinan, Guangzhou and other places a ton of prices rose 80 yuan to 330 yuan. In the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei market, hot-rolled prices hit new highs, the market pulled up strong desire, but the actual transaction is weak, a lot of time in the "price without the city" state, high quote, low-cost shipping phenomenon There is. Plate prices rose sharply, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenyang and other places a ton of up 60 yuan to 350 yuan. End-user wait-and-see mood is more obvious, but the market is relatively tight resources, the overall market, "mentality" is still relatively optimistic.

Iron ore market ups and downs are not easy. According to the latest report, in the domestic ore market, Hebei iron powder prices rose slightly, turnover is more active. Steel mills to domestic ore or to procurement based on demand. Imported ore prices rose and then fell, but has remained at $ 80 per ton above the run. As of 15, 62% grade iron ore index closed at $ 81.8 per ton, up $ 0.65 a week. By the iron ore futures market adjustment and the impact of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, import ore market was wait and see mood increased, the port volume was shrinking, traders desire to ship.

Relevant institutional analysis, November data show that domestic crude steel and steel production to maintain a high level of steel supply and demand balance in the steel market there is a certain pressure. However, the actual market inventory resources are not too many, multi-frequency furnace enterprises are still in shutdown status, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas and more re-release of heavy pollution red warning, the market is expected to long-term policy level or to continue Vigorously promote the "go to capacity" of the pace of steel prices will be finishing the trend to adjust the shock.

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